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Find Your

Eye Shape

When wearing ULash, we want you to feel confident and beautiful. Discover your eye shape and find lash styles that fit YOU best.

The Perfect Fit For You

Wondering which lash styles accentuate your eyes best? Use our Find Your Eye Shape Quiz or Eye Shape Guide Below.


Almond eyes are generally oval-shaped with a slight point at one or both corners. They are also characterized by a visible crease on the eyelid, and the iris is visible both at the top and bottom of the eyelid.


Monolid eyes don’t have a visible crease below the brow bone. Instead, they give the appearance of a ‘single eyelid,’ which is where its name stems from. Monolid eyes tend to fall on the smaller side and typically have less prominent brow bones.


Hooded eyes are characterized by a natural crease that partially covers the eyelid, making it less visible. If you find it difficult to see your eyelid when your eyes are open, you likely have hooded eyes.


Round eyes have a visible crease and are rounded in one or both corners. If you look in the mirror, you’ll notice white space between your iris and bottom lid. In some cases, you’ll also see white space at the top of your iris while your eye is in its natural position.


Downturned eyes point down in the outer corner of the eye and are more rounded on the bottom lid while maintaining a crease. If you were to put a line straight across your eye, you will notice that your outer corner pulls downwards,


Do You Have A Crease?

A crease is an indentation that sits on the top of your eye lid

I have a crease (Note – your crease may be hidden by a curtain of skin)

I do not have a crease

If You Answered No, Your Eyes Are Monolid!

If You Were To Put A Straight Line Across Your Eye, Does Your Outer Corner Pull Downwards?

My eye tends to pull downwards in the outer corner

My eyes do not pull either way

If You Have Answered Yes, You Have Downturned Eyes!

Is Your Crease Visible?

A crease is an indentation that sits on the top of your eye lid

I have a visible crease

I do not have a visible crease. I have a heavier lid that gives an illusion of a smaller crease

If You Answered No, Your Eyes Are Hooded!

When looking directly at the mirror, can you see the white of your eye under your Iris?

My Iris touches the bottom of the eyelid

I can see white under my iris

If You Can Not See The Whites Around Your Iris, You Have Almond Shaped Eyes!

If You Can See The White Around Your Iris You Have Round Eyes!